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Exemption from Payroll Tax

This measure enables your business to benefit from a partial exemption from paying Payroll Tax.

In fact, your company can benefit from up to 80% exemption for employees working on innovation projects or on research and development projects.

Payroll Tax is the personal income tax withheld at source by the employer and paid to the tax authorities.


Innovation income deduction

Does your business develop innovative projects or programs? Do you own a patent or a computer program protected by copyright?

If you do, then you may be able to benefit from a very attractive Belgian tax measure: Innovation Income Deduction.

Our scientists and tax specialists will ensure that your company obtains the best results from Innovation Income Deduction.


Procurement optimisation

MoneyOak has developed a methodology that makes it possible to identify and increase your savings on procurement.

Our team will help optimise your indirect purchases. The tools used include the analysis of rough data and benchmarking. 

The assignments undertaken may include negotiating with your suppliers, right through to implementing savings.  

We will help you to create more value for your business in the short, medium and long term.


Who we are

We are business partners who have spent years helping and encouraging companies to grow. This is the central mission that unites us at MoneyOak.

And it is this knowledge and expertise that we would like to put to work on behalf of your business.

Want to grow your greatness ?

MoneyOak helps you to grow, to develop. Highlight what contributes to the influence of your business. Invest in the future.


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